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Chris (United States)

"After trying it once, I immediately placed an order for 4 more. It's amazing, to the point that I could apply it every two days and not worry about smelling. Case in point, I applied it Friday morning and worked my normal day with absolutely no smell...no perfume, no nothing...absolutely zero smell of any kind.

I woke up Saturday morning and spent an hour mowing my lawn in 92-degree (Fahrenheit) Florida heat without applying any Jungleman that morning. Still, absolutely no smell. My wife even did the sniff test (after some convincing) and could smell no body odor.

This deodorant is exactly what I have been looking for: a deodorant that I can feel good about using without worrying about the potential long-term harmful effects of aluminum...but also something that absolutely works. Now I just have to hope that you guys continue making it. Thanks again, you've got a customer for life."

Michael (United States)

"I was really surprised at how well this works. I have tried other natural deodorants that were only marginally effective, but this one kept me completely odor free today in the 90+ degree (Fahrenheit) heat."

Jean (United States)

"After using this product I have thrown away all my old deodorants and I haven't looked back. This is what I use when I work."

Robert (United States)

"This is the best natural deodorant I've ever used. Will use again."

Kristin (United States)

"I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am to have found your deodorant. I have literally spent hundreds of dollars on natural deodorants over the past 6-7 years and have tried just about everything on the market. Nothing has worked for me.

My boyfriend accused me of having a problem because I kept saying 'this is it, this is the last one I'm trying and if it doesn't work I'm just going to go back to the chemicals!' Yet every time I saw something new, I bought it.

Thankfully, after purchasing a different natural deodorant on Amazon (that didn't work) I glanced down and saw you listed in the 'customers who have viewed this product also viewed' section. I read the reviews and decided (for the bazillionth time) to try just one more natural deodorant. The first time I used it I nearly cried I was so happy.

I decided to wait to write this glowing testimonial until I was sure it worked, and after two months I can definitely say IT DOES. I will never have to 'try just one more' again. I'm all yours and I can't thank you enough."

Lad (United States)

"I must tell you that your deodorant is fantastic!

I have tried other so called "natural" deodorants over the years, only to be disappointed, so I gave up until I came across yours. Everything you state about your product proves true.

As a man, I can appreciate that there is no perfumey smell to it like most others that claim to be odorless, and it truly is a unisex product. And the longevity is amazing. It really lasts a long time.

I will be placing another order for me, my wife, and my kids. If there is any way I can help by leaving outstanding and positive feedback for other people to find this product, please let me know. Thanks for a truly outstanding product."

Daron and Kati (Australia)

"I would just like to congratulate you on an outstanding product.

For over 15 years I have worked in Perth, Western Australia, as a bricklayer. In the summer I've ventured out to work in temps well above 37 degrees (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit), and some days up into the 40s (100s of degrees Fahrenheit), and I can tell you I have looked for a deodorant that can stop the smell from being in the sun all day.

In 15 years, I have only found one product that actually does what it says, and that was Vaseline Intensive Care Deodorant from the UK. Had to get it shipped over every couple of months. I also was aware that this product wasn't good for me, but had no choice as nothing else would work. I'm not saying that I'm a smelly person, just a smell from being out in the sun all day.

I never used roll on, as that had never worked as well. I also tried all the crystals, etc. RUBBISH! All of them!

Then I accidentally came across your website and thought to myself, 'yer yer yer, here is another product promising the world. Oh well, its only 6 bucks. What the hell?'

And to my amazement, this stuff is unbelievable. Not one smell at all, all day long. I just can't believe it.

I've also got my wife to use it now and she also is amazed at how natural and smooth it is. So thanks again and I will be using your product for as long as you are producing it."

Jeremy (United States)

"Today I tested out your deodorant for the first time. It is AMAZING! I played basketball out in the hot sun today and worked up a sweat...

...absolutely zero smell!

It's great! It almost works a little too good. You have a great product and I will definitely tell my friends about it. This is definitely the best deodorant I've ever tried."

Greg (United States)

"This actually works better than any other (non-natural) deodorant OR anti-perspirant I've ever tried. It is a white solid but turns invisible quickly. Some applications lasted up to 2 days.

One time I waited until I was nice and stinky, then applied a little bit, and in five minutes (literally) the BO had completely disappeared. Not covered over, but gone. It did the same for my girlfriend. I'm going to be buying it by the case."

Shannon (United States)

I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome deodorant! I'd been using Primal Pit Paste for a couple of years.  However, I had to take a break from using it every few weeks because of the horrible skin irritation it would cause.  I found your deodorant at a local store that carries only very high quality natural health care products and decided to give it a try, even though it contains baking soda (which is what usually causes irritation for me).

I started using it while my skin was still pretty red and sore, and was pleased to find that it didn't cause any discomfort. After a week of use, the irritation is completely gone, but I still haven't had any underarm odor! I hope you continue to offer this amazing product for a long time to come.

Matt (United States)

"Get this into the sporting goods stores ASAP!!! Your product has cornered a market you probably don't even know of yet! I live in a rural area and consider myself a naturalist. I try my best to live off the land. Part of that involves catching my own food, so I hunt deer often. Your product is the best scent eliminating product that I have ever seen or used, ever. It is unbelievable how well this stuff works!

If you're not familiar with hunting, particularly larger mammals, not carrying a scent down wind is extremely important to not scaring them away. I've tried all sort of 'scent reducers' and 'scent eliminators' like Nose Jammer and Dead Down Wind and nothing has ever come close to working as well as Jungleman. It literally leaves me odorless. My pits smell like nothing! And on top of that, it doesn't leave me with a fake, chemical smell like Nose Jammer and it doesn't stick to my pits like napalm all day like Dead Down Wind.

The cherry on top is that your stuff has no chemicals in it like those other brands I mentioned. That's important to me. Plus I LOVE the name! What hunter wouldn't love the name Jungleman? It's a natural fit. I hope I start seeing this sold at Cabela's or Dick's Sporting Goods. You have me for life as a customer and I'm telling as many friends as possible."

Katie (United States)

"I ordered this for my husband. We wanted to limit chemicals on our bodies - and his attempt to stop using mainstream antiperspirant was STINKY. He tried several other brands (Crystal, Tom's, whatever else they have at Whole Foods etc) and none worked. He would come home from work stinky, and even have b/o almost immediately after a shower. Beyond the chemicals in typical men's deodorant he often complained that the serious stuff wouldn't wash off well and he never felt clean.

Jungleman has solved all the problems!! When he comes home from work (he is a chef in Texas = hot/humid/hard work) he barely smells. The body odor is probably even less noticeable than when he used Right Guard or Old Spice, there aren't any chemicals, and it washes off in the shower. He's been using for about two weeks now and we want to buy a case. Seriously good stuff, I highly recommend. Wish I could give it 6 stars!"

Alicia (United States)

"The name is somewhat odd, but once you get over that it's a five star product because it works. Besides, there are way worse names out there for deodorants, so it's kind of hard for me to criticize the name Jungleman All-Natural Deodorant when there are other deodorants out there with crappy names like Meow Meow Tweet and Soapwalla. The thing that sets this deodorant apart from other natural deodorants is that it literally has no smell, None, whatsoever, even after 2 days without a shower (I know, gross, but that's backpacking for you!). No patchouli smell, no man smell, no girly smell, nothing! Don't ever change Jungleman!"

Mace (United States)

"I did an exhausting amount of research and trials for different deodorants that would work for me and i finally found my best option. To start with, i was very heavy into antiperspirants do to my heavy sweating in my arm pits. I really have no idea why, hot or cold i immediately have sweat in my pits at all times. Its been that way for all 27 years of my life. So i tried literally anything and everything i found.

Then i got to a point that i realized antiperspirant or not, I'm gonna sweat so why use a product that doesn't work and has ingredients that are ridiculous to allow your body to absorb. We live in a synthetic world, no doubt! Somethings we will never step away from. But why would we put a product on our super absorbent pores with some of the same chemicals and heavy metals that we spend so much money every year to avoid in our drinking water?

This product has been very effective for me. One major plus is that it is a solid, which is not common among deodorants. It takes a week or so of use to get used to a product like this, as its very different then the normal options. Change can be tough but for me it had a major payoff. For the first time in my life i actually rarely have sweat spots in my arm pits! I have absolutely no idea why or how, but dropping the antiperspirant for this deodorant seems to have cause some sort of a change for me. I'm not sure if the same will apply to others, but i will take it."

Chamson (United States)

"Glad to see this product on Amazon. Was introduced to it through a friend a while back and it's easily the best natural deodorant I've tried. However, I wasn't able to find it through the natural stores in my area or on amazon, when I checked a few months back. The deodorant is smooth and soft, not slimy, and is completely unscented, definitely works as described and is safe."

Dawn (United States)

"Jungleman All Natural Deodorant is BEST deodorant I've EVER used, hands down. Having eschewed anti-perspirants 20+ yrs ago, I've traversed the damp and often smelly path of 'natural' deodorants with little success until now.  Having gotten used to what it feels like to when one's armpits sweat naturally, wetness hasn't been the issue but odor has. My experience with other 'natural' ones (various formulas of Tom's, Jason, Origins, Kiss My Face, Crystal, etc., even straight coconut oil), is that they either only worked for short durations or not at all, or were mere 'cover' for odor--even if I washed my pits at some point during the day.

I've used Jungleman for four days (I know, not exactly a long term eval), but the difference is remarkable. No smell! Zero. It goes on dry, I rub it in a little, and there's no smell. Yay!  I haven't had to do a special 'pit wash' midday, nor have I had to launder still-clean shirts that I've only worn for a couple hours because the pits are smelly. I'm totally sold."

Jimini (United States)

"This deodorant blew my mind the first day I used it!  I tend to defeat most deodorants, and I am not fond of anti-perspirants. No matter what I would wear, by the end of the day, my pits and shirts smelled pretty bad. I used Arm & Hammer, Old Spice, Dove (what garbage Dove is), and Degree.

After using this once, I came home and did a pit check. I literally thought something was wrong with my sense of smell. As weird as this sounds, after having worked all day, I took large whiffs of my pits out of sheer disbelief because I literally could not detect odor! I mean there was just nothing, it smelled like emptiness!  My favorite part is the fact that I can now protect my clothes from getting nasty pit stains and from permanently having that slight tinge under the pits, (that tinge that never goes away, even after thorough washings)."

Matt (United States)

"I can't tell you how long I've been looking for a natural deodorant that actually works! Don't be afraid of the unscented flavor. There is actually a slight sweet smell to it. I ride my bicycle 20 miles a day and never have to reapply. I dare say this works better than antiperspirants. GET THIS, you wont regret it. The shipping is great to, they included an ice pack to make sure it got to me in good shape. I'll be buying this for a life time if I can."

JB (United States)

"I've gone through so many natural deodorants trying to find one without sketchy ingredients that gets the job done. So far, this is it. This is one of only two natural deodorants I've tried (out of *at least* a dozen) that keeps body odor at bay for the whole day. [The other is Miessence roll-on, in case you're wondering, but it never really dries completely on me, so I had damp underarms all day. It also caused scaling and irritation with prolonged use.]

I experienced no irritation or rash with this product, and that's been an issue with several other natural deodorants I've used. I don't know if I have particularly sensitive underarms, but if you've had that problem, I recommend giving this a shot. No strong scent, so it's definitely unisex. I've paid two or three times as much for natural deodorants that didn't work half as well."

Angelin (United States)

"I am a repeat buyer and have tried EVERY SINGLE natural and chemical-laden product out there. I even made my own for a while which worked but was messy. Thank you Jungleman Naturals for creating a natural product that WORKS!!!!"

Joshua (United States)

"This is, hands down, the BEST all-natural deodorant I've tried. After wanting to limit myself from the harsh chemicals found in traditional deodorants, I was on the search for something all-natural.  Crystal sticks worked for a little bit but as soon as I started sweating, I would immediately start stinking. I tried Tom's, which is probably the worst I've ever smelled in my entire adult life. I tried Sam's Natural, which worked really well, but totally stained my shirts, even after a couple uses.

A Google search landed me on Jungleman all-natural deodorant and it's been a dream come true. It's 100% all-natural, which is the first qualification. But more importantly, IT WORKS. I've put it through its paces from nervous sweats in office meetings to manual labor sweats in a hot, humid summer. After a long day working outside, there can start to be a hint of body odor but for most days and scenarios, this stuff is simply the best. What I also love about it is that it doesn't stain any of my shirts. It's an amazing deodorant."

CV (United States)

"I come from a family with a history of hyperhidrosis. I sweat a lot, and I develop an odor quickly. I have used several different types of antiperspirants over the years, but I do not like the idea of putting triclosan and aluminum chlorohydrate into contact with my skin over extended periods of time.  The ultimate test:

After I received the deodorant, I put it on before I went to bed to see if it would stop me from developing body odor during my sleep, because that's something that happens to me almost every time. After wearing it overnight, I spent a weekend transplanting Avocado trees in the Central Valley of California and during this time period I dug two 1m^3 holes in the earth with a shovel. I sweat so much during this time period, 12 hours, that I probably went through at least a gallon of water. And, yes the deodorant worked. I didn't develop body odor overnight or after/during my yard work. And the best part is, it is odorless, and doesn't make my skin feel slimy or make me feel a bit nauseous all the commercial deodorants I've tried.

I have to enthusiastically recommend this product to anyone who is health and hygiene conscious."

Rudy (United States)

"I have tried many anti-perspirants/deodorants throughout the years that have destroyed my shirts over time and never left me satisfied. Well-known brands like Mitchum, Old-Spice, and the like either were always overpowering and ineffective at the end of the day. Showering and trying to remove the products would require hard-scrubbing to the point of red welts. I decided on trying natural deodorants and came up disappointed. These included Razorock, Tom's, alum-block, and others, that caused my body odor to fluctuate throughout the day.

Jungleman was going to be the last natural deodorant I would ever try and 100% satisfied I took the chance. I could finally end my search after years of cycling through Walgreens, CVS, and Target for a decent deodorant. I have no BO at the end of the day and showering removes the product with no hard scrubbing. There is no more yellowing on my shirts and would highly recommend Jungleman to anyone."

JL (United States)

"I don't write product reviews that often, but I had to say something about Jungleman Deodorant. I'm an active guy; I do some kind of workout everyday. Yesterday, after I finished lifting weights, I had absolutely no BO! Today, after running 10 miles, again no arm pit odor at all! Amazing!! I use almost exclusively natural products on my skin and have gone several years without using any kind of deodorant (Of course, I shower twice a day and have very good hygiene.)

Though sometimes at work (on those stressful days), it can get embarrassing. I started looking for a natural deodorant and found Jungleman on Amazon. Lucky me. :) This all-natural deodorant really works by inhibiting bacterial growth...of course it's the bacteria that cause odor not our sweat. I plan on buying more for myself and friends. Thanks."

Apollo (United States)

"I've used Mitchum my entire life. Mitchum produces fine products that are among the best in the market but I had to make a switch because Mitchum is REALLY hard on clothes. After ruining another expensive polo shirt, I decided to look of natural alternatives that would be easier on my wardrobe but still be effective. Man did I hit the jackpot with Jungleman! In many ways it works better than Mitchum, which is something I would not have believed before I tried it. It's just as effective, but it lasts longer. It's also unscented (there's nothing I hate more than scented deodorant). But best of all it doesn't stain my shirts or degrade the fabric in the underarm area like Mitchum does.

This is an excellent product that can go head to head against any other deodorant, natural or not."

Xochil (Mexico)

"Vivo en Campeche,México, y el clima es bien cálido con mucha humedad. Jungleman es el único desodorante que me protege contra el mal olor en este clima. Es 100% natural, no tiene olor, y es unisexo. Es la definición de perfección."

Scott (United States)

"I have tried several deodorants, both natural and completely unnatural. I have never found a deodorant that leaves me with ZERO odor at the end of the day. I am not a small man prone to smelling good at all times. I've tried Arm and Hammer Essentials, Speed Stick and Toms of Maine deodorants in the last 3 months. Only Jungleman left me stank-free. I just ordered two more and am absolutely delighted with this product. No bad stuff and not tested on animals. Awesome."

Jay (United States)

"I've tried five other 'natural deodorants' (a phrase that is a misnomer, as aluminum and arsenic are natural, but I digress) and Jungleman is the only product that has worked. It's not an antiperspirant, which you don't one anyway because sweat is your body's natural cooling system. Jungleman is a deodorant, meaning that it keeps the bacteria that makes you smell bad from growing and it works incredibly well. Other products either haven't worked or caused a light burning skin irritation sensation. I've recommended Jungleman to several friends and all have agreed: it works, it works well, and it's the only deodorant worth buying."

Mr. and Mrs. Jimenez (United States)

"I bought this for my husband after trying what seemed to feel like every natural deodorant brand (Crystal Body, Herban Cowboy, Toms of Maine, JÄSON, etc) - none of which worked. He would smell horribly after sitting at a computer all day - they didn't work and we were ready to give up on the idea until we found this! It works. That's all there is to it. It's unscented, which he loves because he gets to choose his cologne scent which didn't compete with musky deodorant smells - which I've always found to be overpowering.

BOTTOM LINE: it works and he doesn't smell anymore - even after a workout!"

Jonathan (United States)

"Tried other all natural deodorants and was consistently disappointed. I sweat a lot and would often have to reapply them during the day to deal with odor.

I tried Jungle Man based on the reviews here and wasn't expecting much since I never heard of it before. I'm simply amazed on how well it works. I apply once in the morning and it works all day. It works better than any deodorant or antiperspirant that I've ever used. Even better is that it all natural and no aluminum or other garbage is in it."

Amber (United States)

"I love this deodorant. I have tried many many kinds and this seems to be the best for preventing odor with my chemistry. It also lasts a long time, and I appreciate so much that it does not have those nasty chemicals in it."

Ruston (United States)

"I like a lot of other people have concerns about rubbing all sorts of strange chemicals under my arms everyday. I also had my doubts about using an all natural product like Jungleman. I was happily surprised when I discovered just how well this product works. If I have to skip my morning shower I can go a second full day without having to re-apply this product and I still show no signs of body odor. I highly recommend this product."

Julianne (United States)

"I recently started using this and I really like it. I actually like it better than regular deodorant. There is no scent... even after sweating. The unscented deodorants I have used before sometimes smell weird after I sweat, but not Jungleman. It's also made from all natural ingredients and not all those chemicals that there is now research can cause cancer. Definitely worth giving it a try!"

Maryna (United States)

"I have been using it since August. I tried "Take A Whiff", DeodoMom Roll-on (which worked for a week or so), and whole bunch of other ones from natural & organic stores. None of them worked. I don't have much problem with sweating, but with BO. This one works amazing. I absolutely recommend this. It's been 3 months and I love it, and just ordered another one."

Yves (France)

"Jungleman est tout simplement le meilleur déodorant naturel du monde."

Luc (United States)

"I purchased this item from a local health food store in my work neighborhood. It was probably the 6th or so natural deodorant that I tried in my natural deodorant quest. The others outright didn't work or after a few days I needed to use baking soda and lime to get rid of underarm odor. I was going on vacation to the Caribbean, where I'm writing from because I couldn't wait to go back to the states to comment lol. I knew the temps were going to be in the high 80's to mid 90's and that none of the other deodorants I tried would cut it so I went to the store and asked for a recommendation.

The owner said she's received rave reviews from other customers so I decided to try it. I've been on vacation since 11/27/15 and today is 12/08/15, this deodorant is AWESOME, it keeps my underarm sweating to a minimum, I don't have an odor after several days of use, my clothing isn't stained AND I did not develop this black film under my arm like I did with a few of the other brands I tried and from the recipe I used to create my own deodorant. I noticed that Amazon has scented versions to this so I may purchase them if my mom and pop health food store doesn't carry them.

This is definitely a repurchase. Also in regards to the black film, I think my body doesn't like arrowroot powder, I noticed that I get the black film when arrowroot is one of the ingredients. I'm not even proofreading this long review from my iPhone....just going to post. This is a great product and I hope the formula never changes!!"

D. Epps (United States)

"So happy with this one. I've tried everything else under the sun. I put this on at 8AM and don't have to worry about a thing for the next 24 hrs. Can't believe this isn't sold in every pharmacy. So happy I found this."

Bergdis (Iceland)

"This product is like no other. I'm so happy that it is now sold locally here in Reykjavik, Iceland. Thanks Jungleman Naturals for saving me shipping money and lots of time. I now can just buy at the store. Great product, outstanding company."

Regina (United States)

"One word...Amazing. I tried about 10 different natural/organic deodorants and none of them stopped me from smelling. I no longer smell and feel great about using this deodorant on my body!"

Katie (United States)

"Great product, great service! I am a woman that had literally tried about 7+ aluminum free deodorants with some smelly consequences. I thought that I may have to go back to my old stuff until I found this. By far the BEST NATURAL deodorant out there! It doesn't have a scent and just because it is called "Jungleman" does NOT mean it is just for men.

I wanted something strong and effective and I have found it. I have NO IDEA how it is done as the other "deodorant only" products out there did so little and this really helps you feel protected. There is, on occasion, some wetness as this is not an antiperspirant but it does not smell and is infinitely superior to all the other products I tried. Also, the service has been outstanding and everything you would want from a seller.

I am SO happy that this level of service is provided by this seller as I will be ordering regularly from him from here on out. I am SO happy to have found a safe deodorant that actually works and with the customer service being so great, I am happy to give my once a month business (at minimum) to such a great company. Thank you SO much for a great product & amazing service!!"

Joshua (United States)

"I've tried several different natural/non toxic deodorants and some were okay, others not so much. This one works great! Keeps me dry and smelling good all day. Highly recommended."

Andrew (United Kingdom)

"Previously, I've used Dove for Men, Gilette for Men, Mitchum, and others like them and they all worked fine. I've been looking for a cruelty-free deodorant for about a year now to replace those. I've tried all of the usual "natural" products out there (Tom's, Desert Essence, Crystals, etc.) and none of them worked for longer than a few hours.

I waited before writing this review to be sure that my old product had completely worn off. I can say for sure now that the unfortunately named Jungleman works better than anything I've ever tried for odour protection. I've gone a full 24 hours with absolutely no hint of odour, and that has never happened before. I do a check every day, and there is never any odour at all on me or my clothes. This was never the case with my old stuff."

Kelly (United States)

"This stuff is seriously magic. I only use natural deodorant which has never really worked. Toms, Jason, Crystals, you name it. As soon as I started sweating, I started smelling. I work in a bakery, and used to work in a kitchen, so I move around A LOT (and therefore, sweat A LOT). Anyways, I ordered this stuff and decided to really test it. I rode my bike 50 miles and sweat like a pig through my clothes. Normally, I would smell like an old burrito, but there was absolutely NO odor emitting from my normally stanky pits. Amazing."

Jason (United States)

"This is a fantastic product, and it is very hard to find a product such as this in any store, including any of the all-natural stores. I have been using this product for about three months, and I have never once had any issue with body odor whatsoever."

Patch (United States)

"Having persistent sweating problems growing up and trying many high strength deodorants, this is the best I have tried. In other deodorants there are heavy metals, Aluminum, and other harmful chemicals chlorohydrate, parabens, propylene glycol, triclosan, these would end up irritating and clogging more pores, leading to more sweating, and did not solve the root problem of the smell. This deodorant will not stop the natural process of sweating, however it will completely eliminate the smell. It does this by using all natural ingredients, which are all natural, non-GMO and vegan, and these ingredients kill the bacteria under your arm generating the smell, all without leading to other problems such as clogged pores or irritation.

I have tried many other natural deodorants and this one is the best I have used, it is strong enough to last for about 2 days (if you forget to apply one day), even after rigorous activity. While you may still be sweating it will not stink! I would highly recommend!"

Schmoneh (United States)

"Having tried just about everything else out there; from budget priced deodorants, 'natural' deodorants, to the more expensive department store brands (Menscience costs $17 a pop!), I did not have high expectations for Jungleman.

Boy was I proven wrong! Believe the hype in all the reviews here, this stuff WORKS! Someone finally got it right. Gone are the days where my deodorant would fail halfway through an average day. Gone are also the days of deodorant stained undershirts! This deodorant lasts a while too. I'm still working through the first stick I purchased back in August! I immediately ordered 2 more after my first purchase to have as a back-up.

BUY THIS DEODORANT! You'll be glad you did."

Cory (United States)

"I found this product on a hunting forum post that had the link to Jungleman's website. I just wanted scent protection for hunting, natural ingredients came secondary. I can't believe that this works so effectively. I just thought this was some hippie garbage, but man I was wrong!!! I've even convinced my hunting buddies to use Jungleman in favor of their usual deodorants with all the nasty chemical stuff. Kudos for not having a hippie name either."

Andres (United States)

"This stuff works miracles. I tend to wear cologne and after deciding I wanted to try and limit the other chemicals I'm putting in/on my body (going organic, ingesting more greens and super foods) I tried to find a good alternate, non-scented solution. This is it. The ingredients in this are so simple and basic it's almost laughable, but it's amazing in it's effectiveness. Baking soda, tea tree oil, corn starch, and palm oil. This stuff can even keep you fresh for a full 24+ hours provided you're not overly sweaty. Definitely the simplest, most effective deodorant I've come across yet, can't recommend it enough!"

Lindsey (United States)

"Been looking for a fragrance-free "natural" deodorant that actually eliminates body odor. This product is excellent. AMAZING odor control. Very gentle on my skin. This product works much better than the Kiss My Face fragrance free roll-on deodorant I used for years before!

I can detect no fragrance in this product. Doesn't even smell like tea tree oil. Just nothing. Which is just how I want it to smell - like nothing. Perfect."

D (United States)

"This is the great deodorant I've ever had! My quality of life improved exponentially after acquiring this deodorant! :) :)"

Oscar (United States)

"I finally found something that does what it says! A great product that I would highly recommend to anyone! Simply awesome."

Tony (United States)

"All I can say is, WOW. I had no idea an all-natural deodorant could be so effective. The product does not have a scent, which means your skin is scent-neutral. It has lasted all day in my experience, and I ride my bike to and from school. I only started using it this autumn, so the results could possibly be different when I'm sweating heavily in summer.

It has completely eliminated bodily scents, which is great. Further, after using this product (like one other reviewer said), I realized that smelly armpits of shirts were often because of deodorant, NOT body odor. Once I made the switch, my clothes smelled FAR less strongly than they had with my previous synthetic deodorant. Give this product a shot. You won't be disappointed."

Bill (Canada)

"I can't say enough about this product. I was recommended Jungleman by a friend, and I've been using it ever since. Now if only they could sell at Noah's here in Toronto so I could save on shipping costs. Fantastic product."

Lance (United States)

"For those of us who can't wear antiperspirant/deodorant because of the aluminum, or whatever makes us break out in a rash, this deodorant is heaven sent. I tried a couple of other organic deodorants and had very little success. Basically, they worked for part of the day, but eventually the underarm smell broke through.

Now, everyone's different, so maybe I'm just a little tougher customer, but, I've been using Jungleman for over a month now and it hasn't failed me yet! It's odorless, and blocks your body odor as well. Of course, it doesn't stop the sweat, but after I developed the aluminum allergy a few years ago, I'm thinking we shouldn't be putting things on our bodies that stop us from sweating, anyway.

This product is a life-changer. Do yourself a favor and try it out!!! And, despite the name, it works great for WOMEN, too!!"

Sean (United States)

"I decided to try this all-natural deodorant after using regular Ax and Old Spice deodorants and anti-perspirants all my life. I didn't like how my under-arms never felt completely clean when using Ax, etc. I also did not like how regular anti-perspirants had warnings on them saying not to use them if you have kidney issues. It made me think that the product itself might be doing something bad to my body.

I decided to give Jungleman a try, and I really like it. It doesn't prevent you from sweating, but I still think I sweat less than if I didn't use it. It does a good job neutralizing smells as well. I have not noticed any bad under-arm odors, and I live in Hawaii, where we tend to sweat a lot. I also like that it is odorless. I tend to get tired of the fake smells in other deodorants. I'm glad I tried and I will continue to use it."

Dr. Norm (United States)

"I can't tell a lie - I love this stuff. At the age of 58 I started having yellow underarm stains on my white shirts and my usual antiperspirants became ineffective. From doing some research the yellowing is secondary to some chemical ingredients just about every product has, that is except for "Jungleman". It made yellow stains a thing of the past, perspiration memories of the past even in the Florida heat. Great stuff - does everything it says. Now if only I could buy it locally."

Brian (United States)

"This deodorant is BY FAR the absolute best product I have ever used. I have been a heavy sweater my whole life, and this works so well that the other day when doing heavy lawn work outside on a hot day, I looked at my shirt and noticed it was almost entirely wet and soaked, except for the arm pits. And one of the best characteristics of it is that it has no odor, no perfume smell at all, and it washes completely clean in the shower. So it's not just covering over odor like some products, it is eliminating it. And it's also amazing that it's all natural and contains so few ingredients.

Please buy this product, tell others, and create a steady and growing demand for it. It's worth every penny and then some."

KT (United States)

"I'm a male who's used natural cosmetics for over 20 years. I've tried probably every natural deodorant made. This is the ONLY one that works 100%, is truly natural/non-toxic and completely unscented. Most truly natural/non-toxic deodorants are NOT strong enough for a man and leave me stinky. With Jungleman, I have no stink even at the end of the day, even after sweating, with no scent/perfume masking over me.

Their ingredients are great, truly natural with no imposture chemicals used by other brands. Don't be fooled by toxic natural-impostures like rock/liquid rock containing potassium alum which is neurotoxic aluminum and sticks containing propylene glycol which is an oxygen-starving toxin made from carcinogenic crude oil."

Lars (Denmark)

"We have nothing like Jungleman Deodorant in Denmark. Words cannot explain how well this product works in spite of such a small ingredient list. I see that you are now sold in Iceland. Please find your way to Denmark and the rest of continental Europe. You will have many happy customers if you do. I wish I didn't have to have this shipped to me, but it is a small price to pay for such a wonderful product."

Whitney (United States)

"This is an all natural deodorant THAT WORKS. This is in fact the most effective deodorant I have ever bought. I'm including the conventional anti antiperspirants in this in that claim. I used to use suave clinical strength -this works better and it's all natural. I used to use the salt crystals which was also very effective. I just wasn't sure how I felt about the potassium alum in it and I wanted a completely all-natural deodorant. What I love most about Jungle Man deodorant is that there's no scent. Men and women can use it."

LG (United States)

"I'm tired of giant companies from 1000+ miles away from me dictating my only choices are 1. Their Chemicals & Aluminum or 2. Their Chemicals or Aluminum. Plus most run-of-the-mega-mill products are horrible on your skin. That burn you're feeling when you put on generic deodorant shouldn't be there. I've tried the Trader Joe's standard antiperspirant stick which kind of works, but Jungleman does wonders. The smell is soapy-pleasant and overall it's one of the best "alternative" sticks I've been able to find without all the crazy-cancer-talk in the ingredients list. Definitely glad I found this baby."

J. Herzog (United States)

"I have been searching for over a year for a natural, minimal ingredient deodorant. I have tried over 20 different brands and I always came up disappointed either with the smell, application, or the odor prevention. I am very happy that I gave this product a chance because it is my new deodorant. I know everyone has different skin types, etc. but for me personally this product really works well. I think I am most impressed with the fact that even after a long, hot sweaty day I am still odor free. Some days I am almost in disbelief how well it works. I will only be buying Jungleman from now on!"

JP (United States)

"I've tried Tom's, Nature's Gate, Schmidt's, Primal Pit Paste, Truly's, Green Tidings, Herban Cowboy, Lavanila, PiperWai, those gross crystals, and at least 10 others. None of them compared to Jungleman. I had pretty much given up in my search for a natural deodorant that works AND doesn't leave me smelling like a dirty hippie (you know, that person that always smells like patchouli, calendula, and armpit). The ingredient list is so simple and it literally has NO odor whatsoever. It's unbelievable. This is the only deodorant that truly gets the job done for me."

Leo (United States)

"This stuff is amazing. I sweat like a monster while at work in 90 degree heat and high humidity. After using Degree antiperspirant for a while, I decided to find something more natural to avoid the aluminum and other chemicals.

Upon using this the first time, I noticed that after a full day of work, NO SMELL WHATSOEVER. Of course I did sweat, but not even that much. The performance of this product actually exceeded Degree Antiperspirant, and has no chemicals whatsoever. Worth every penny."

Jeff (United States)

"For having only having 4 ingredients [sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, sustainable palm oil, tea tree oil] and no scent whatsoever, I was genuinely surprised at just how well it works. I gave it a try because of other people's reviews, and I am now a repeat customer. It's the only deodorant I use. I refuse to smear anything on my body that I don't know exactly what each ingredient is and what it does. Do not waste your time with other "natural" deodorants. Either they aren't really "natural" and/or they do not work. It's at least worth a try."

Peter (United States)

"Thought I would try out this deodorant to see how well it performed. It has been awesome! It does go on a little slow, but I have never had any problems with smell.  Having used other deodorants in the past, they may make it through a day. But I have actually gone two days with Jungleman without any problems.  I would highly recommend this product and company. Good folks."

Bryant (United States)

"ALL OTHERS FAIL...NOT THIS ONE. Pursuing aluminum free, as we all should, I've tried virtually everything out there...they all failed. Aluminum literally clogs your sweat glands; no system of our bodies should be clogged, ever. To this deodorant, it works and works in all conditions. I can wane to odoriferous levels that rival a billy goat under layers of military gear; no more. I shall never go back to another and the seller ships it immediately and with a cooling pack to ensure it retains it's quality. You can stop shopping for a natural, aluminum free deodorant right here."

P. Embry (United States)

"I've tried Tom's of Maine. I've tried Weleda Rose Deodorant(which smells great at first but I had to carry a small bottle of it in my purse to reapply through out the day). I've Thai Crystal Spray, and had to reapply it through out the day as well. Not the Jungleman! Been wearing it a week with no need to reapply except, I put a little extra on before a workout "just in case" . It's awesome and unless it stops working for me or they stop making it, I'll be using it for a long time. Great natural deodorant, happy with my purchase!!"

Mom of 6 (United States)

"My husband loves this deodorant (and so do I)! :-) My husband put it on the first morning, worked outside in 106 degree weather, and by the next morning before showering (we waited that long to "test" the product), he still didn't smell! Even better, he didn't break out in any rash like he has to so many other brands (both organic and not). Thanks, Jungleman!"

Kelly C. (United States)

"I have an aluminum sensitivity so I've been avoiding mainstream deodorants. I've worked my way through everything at the health food store and NOTHING worked! I resorted to perfume. Let me tell you. This stuff totally works. I am amazed and awed really. All that other crap is in the garbage but I may invest in a case of this. I'm a woman if that matters... There is no odor to this. Has no scent. Doesn't stain my clothes. Works... Pretty much all you need to know."

Jon (Norway)

"Simply the best natural deodorant in the world. Please sell in Norwegian stores soon."

Andrew (United States)

"I normally get rashes from regular deodorant depending on the brand. I was very skeptical about using a natural deodorant based on reviews that I had read and friends who have tried other brands of natural deodorant. I normally work 12-15 hour days, I thought that I would start to smell after a few hours at work. Have been using it for a few days now and no complaints at all I don't stink and my under arms don't burn!"

Michael (United States)

"I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing this product is. I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing could mask my odor for more than 5 hours. this product is a lifesaver. I sweat way less and the smell is completely masked (and I have terrible BO)."

Whitney F. (United States)

"Better than anything made by any major brands and definitely the best natural option. I put this on in the morning, work all day, hit the gym, and I still don't smell at the end of the day. Plus, it doesn't stain my shirts like most conventional deodorants. The company owners are great people who are clearly invested in their customers. They will contact you directly and quickly if you have any questions."

M. Armstead (United States)

"My new favorite deodorant. At first I didn't think I would like the "no sent". I was always used to scented deodorants, but this stuff is great. There is literally no drop off from traditional deodorants, and may even be better than most for odor protection and dryness. It keeps "pit stains" off your dress shirts and can survive a trip to the gym after a full day of work. Love it."

Rodney (United States)

"This deodorant is amazing. I was skeptical buying it as I have used several "natural" deodorants that left me smelling like a sweaty Sasquatch. What!?! They DO exist.  This stuff is better than the big brand types. I don't smell a thing in my pits after applying...and it lasts. I wish the shipping was less, but hey, that is common these days. Bang'in....me so happy with this product."

Juan C. (Colombia)

"Este desodorante es sin duda, el mejor desodorante natural del mundo. No hay nada que compara a este producto increíble. Sólo tiene cuatro ingredientes, no tiene ningún tipo de olor, y es bien eficaz."

John (United States)

"I have been trying four different natural deodorants wanting to eliminate aluminum and other chemicals. I was amazed how well Jungleman worked. I started out after my shower in the morning and worked all day ...followed by my physical workout when I got home. I had some perspiration (particularly when I was working out) but throughout the day I was odor free. Amazing!!"

Mindi (United States)

"Works better than other natural products. Salt rocks do well for some people in the family, but not others....that is all I will say. This deodorant exceeded my expectations and I will purchase more in the future. Also, I must mention that the item I received was well packaged (came with cooling ice gel to make sure the item didn't melt if exposed to heat during shipping)."

Chatham (United States)

"This stuff is incredible. I hesitated because of the lack of antiperspirant, because I sweat a lot. But, I've worn this on 10 mile hikes, a 14 hours summer day of traveling on public transit and tough client meetings, and everything else.  I don't know why I didn't switch to this stuff sooner. To top it off, I'm still using the same stick from three months ago!"

Dasher (United States)

"Even if you sweat like a sixteen-year old boy at the prom, this deodorant will keep you fresh. Seriously. I wore it doing medical work in a cinder block room in the tropics, and even though I could wring out my scrubs at the end of the day, I still smelled just fine. Plus, ethical ingredients means you don't have to destroy a rain forest to smell sweet. Win, win, win."

Bill (United States)

"I was looking for an all-natural deodorant. I was striking out with other products like Toms, which stopped working after about 3 hours. Jungleman works all day, and let's just say that I am someone who really needs deodorant! I used to use Old Spice and Right Guard, and this stuff actually seems to work better! It is odorless to my nose. Great deodorant."

Nathaniel (United States)

"Works better than most if not all store brand deodorants on the market...especially for people allergic to store brand additives/ingredients. Jungleman creates no sting, no itching, no lingering seemingly irremovable underarm film, and it does actually work in hindering odor, sometimes all day and night into the morning hour, where others fail miserably."

Peter (Slovenia)

"It is 100% natural, with no toxic chemicals or perfume and the best of all: it will keep you dry and fresh all day! I am 30 year old man and very satisfied customer from Slovenia (the only disadvantage is that shipping for two sticks costs 10€). But it's worth it! I am still using the first one that I ordered in December 2012 and I am using it every day."

Terry G. (United States)

"It takes a little getting used to (you'll find yourself checking your pits for a smell the first week or so) but it really does work. No odor, no excessive sweating. If you're looking for an alternative to the bad deodorants, give this a shot. I'm buying more."

Jennifer (United States)

"My husband says that this is the best all-natural deo that he has used thus far. We've tried all kinds! Doesn't stop the sweating - just the odors. That is what we are looking for!"

KW (United States)

"I've got very sensitive skin, and had just about given up on deodorant. Everything I've ever tried has wound up irritating my skin, even products like Tom's. This is the first product I've found that I can consistently use every day without irritation -- and, unlike some other products, it actually seems to work. Well done!"

Jesse (United States)

"I hardly ever write reviews, but in this case I had to. There really isn't much to say. I work out 6 days a week, and sweat a lot. Jungleman is unscented, but it works better than even my old Right Guard. I never have B.O. after my workouts, even after sweating like crazy! I highly recommend this product!"

Joe M. (United States)

"I never review products, this is my first time because this stuff actually works. I tried out a bunch of natural deodorants and crystals to see what could work and still have just a few ingredients. Out of 10 products, this was the best one. Feels good, prevents smell when exercising and not full of chemicals."

Mikhail (United States)

"I never ever review products on Amazon because I feel its a waste of time. This deodorant however needs to be given some attention. Works Works Works, and is safe, odor free, and all around a great buy. Going to recommend this to my local store."

Reid (United States)

"Great deodorant to try if you want a truly unscented, odor blocking application. No bad smells long through the day! I'm very impressed! Definitely worth giving this a try if you don't like anti-antiperspirant and actually expect deodorant to work blocking smells and not just covering them with fragrance."

Arthur (United States)

"I've tried many natural deodorants but this stuff is by far the best I've ever used. I used other deodorants that I've purchased from Whole Foods and on the internet but they are sticky, messy and leave stains on my undershirts. This deodorant allows you to sweat but doesn't allow you to smell. Love it!!"

JD (United States)

"Best stuff on earth! I don't like to write reviews but this truly deserves it!  Nothing I have ever tried in my life compares to this product I work in remodeling and am constantly doing physical work throughout my day good news is I come home and of all places my armpits have the least odor!"

Genevieve (United States)

"So glad this is available. All of the over the counter products just don't work for my boyfriend. I didn't want to try the "crystal" as I was worried it would be too natural. I love this product and so does he. He doesn't smell like a hung over sailor nor a 14 year old baseball player. Just great!!!"

Darren (Singapore)

"I live and work in Singapore and being originally from the U.K. I can definitely tell you that the hot, steamy, equatorial weather here takes some getting used to. Your deodorant has made that adjustment so much easier for me. I no longer have to fear board meetings and presentations or eating at the food stalls outside. Thank you!"

Susan P. (United States)

"This is an awesome product. I have sensitive skin, and this does not irritate me and is effective. I love the all natural components. They actually ship the product with a cool gel pack. If you buy more than one, just keep the extras stored in a cool place. Highly recommend."

Robert (United States)

"The BEST natural deodorant that I have ever used. I plan on being a lifetime customer. It doesn't leave any greasy or white marks on my clothes, it has a subtle fresh scent, and best of all, it's all natural and I NEVER have BO with this product. Ever. You rock, Jungleman!"

Christy (United States)

"I was skeptical about this product and have never bought non-scented deodorant. Went on a little thick on the first use. Now that I apply it correctly, no complaints. Best all-natural deodorant I have ever purchased by far! I will never buy another."

Giacomo (Italy)

"Il milgior deodorante naturale del mondo! Senza alluminio, parabeni, glicerina, o ingredienti OGM. Ha solo 4 ingredienti ed è completamente inodore. Non abbiamo nulla di simile in Italia. Io spero che si venda qui un giorno."

Chad (United States)

"This product works great. It doesn't take much to combat odor all day, so my first stick is lasting a long time. It doesn't prevent you from sweating, so your body can do its natural thing, but it totally eliminates odor. I highly recommend this."

Yoraf (United States)

"I applied this once in the morning, 6 hours later I did a 2-hour Muay Thai session. I still couldn't smell my armpits, and I sweat a lot. I'm so glad I've found this stuff."

Michael (United States)

"Feels like some luxurious tropical paste that would have made Pablo's jungle labs envious...and seriously no funk whatsoever exuding from my pits. Wow! You mean all that we need is abundant within this natural gem of a planet? What a concept!"

Jack (United States)

"I have tried Tom's, I have tried Trader Joe's and with both I smelled musky....But FINALLY I Can Play hard, run hard and sweat like crazy and Jungleman Deodorant keeps me smelling FRESH, Thanks You Jungleman <3"

J. Duplantis (United States)

"I've tried a lot of natural deodorants and never find they keep me from becoming stinky. Jungleman is the ONLY product that's worked for me! This is legit! Stop contemplating and just buy it. worth every single penny!"

Dave (United States)

"I have tried a lot of different deodorants including "all-naturals", etc. but it has always ended up the same way. This is the first deodorant I've used consistently without irritation. Plus, the name is just awesome."

Stephen (United States)

"Fantastic all natural deodorant, I have tried most and this works the best!!! I have very sensitive skin and most deodorants give me a rash or don't work well. This product works very well and gives me no irritation."

Rakeem (United States)

"I live in Portland and tried to get this at the vegan store around the corner from me, but they didn't have it and kept pushing that Schmidt's hipster paste on me instead of just ordering what I want. Some stupid localism fluff, as if deodorant grows out of the ground like a wine grape varietal or something. Just sell me the best product. Not something inferior that you're only selling because your neighbor made it. Please.

Anyway, moving away from my localism rant, I went a little further to Food Front Co-op, and they luckily had it. I tried it the next day and it miraculously lived up to all the hype I had read about online. I love this deodorant. In fact, it's strange that I'm so enthused about something I stick under my arms, but this stuff is a life changer. I'm so glad that it's sold locally. I'm going to continue buying this forever. Thanks Jungleman and Food Front!!!"

George (United States)

"The only natural deodorant I know of that actually works. I've tried Tom's, Arm and Hammer, and Burt's Bees, but none of those are effective on my stinky pits. This one does the trick, works well. Thanks Jungleman!"

Kendar (United States)

"Works great! Goes on easy, feels good on my skin, and does a great job."

Vlad (United States)

"Finally, an effective natural deodorant without a wimpy hippie name!!!"

Diana (United States)

"I was a little bit hesitant when buying this but i can tell you that this really really works and i have had no problems yes you do still sweat but there is no odor i will be buying this again thanks."

Martha (Ireland)

"It is the only natural deodorant that works. It really is incredible and such a relief that I have found one that I can recommend to others. Why is this not being sold in Ireland and the UK?"

Dan (United States)

"A lot of these natural deodorants don't work and are sticky. This one stops odor and sweat. It has almost no smell to it. I am very pleased and will be using this from now on."

Ziad (Qatar)

"This is the only deodorant of any kind that can withstand the oppressive heat and humidity of a Qatari summer."

Gomez (United States)

"This is honestly the best deodorant I've ever used. I also liked how they ship it with an ice pack to ensure it doesn't arrive at doorstep a sloppy mess.. I'm very pleased."

Aaron (United States)

"It works great! You will still sweat because it is not an antipersperant but you will not smell bad. My wife is so happy that I found a deodorant that works. Love this stuff!"

Doug (United States)

"That constant searching for a natural deodorant that works is over. Here it is. It doesn't just work a little better; it works a lot better. I'm so happy ;)"

Angela (United States)

"This product is great! It works soo much better than TOMS! I do still get sweaty sometimes, but I don't stink! It's the best natural deodorant I've tried!"

Lisa (United States)

"For my first foray into natural deodorant I tried that deodorant that I saw on Shark Tank with milk of magnesia in it. I should have taken Mark Cuban and that bald guy's advice instead. For being 'natural,' it just had way too many ingredients, and it didn't work well enough for me. Plus it was absurdly expensive.

So I started looking for an alternative over the internet. The reviews brought me to Jungleman, which is a little too rugged sounding for me, but I figured it's still not as stupid as the name of the one I just bought, so why not? Plus it cost me way less, so what the heck? It passed with flying colors, and most importantly, it only has 4 ingredients. That's it...4. I was blown away. And to top it off, they now sell this at a store next to my house.

Christopher (United States)

"Works well, all day long. I'm a warm body, and tend to sweat a little more than most. This deodorant keeps me fresh all day, even if I'm working hard."

Craig (United States)

"For me it works better than the toxic commercial deodorants and I love the fact that I'm not using those harmful products on my body. Love it."

Mark (United States)

"Good product, no irritation with it. There are not a lot of deodorants out there that will not irritate sensitized skin, this works as advertised."

Chris (United States)

"I live in Las Vegas and work in dress shirts and suits year round. JungleMan is the best natural deodorant I have used in any temperature."

Shannon (United States)

"Product works extremely well - I was shocked as many deodorants don't work well for me. I preferred the light mint scent."

David (United States)

"I've been trying to stay away from aluminum and no product over the counter comes close to how good Jungleman works. It's great."

Christopher (United States)

"Unbelievable product! I will never use another deodorant again! Recommended to everyone. I wish they sold this product in more stores."

James (United Kingdom)

"I live in Cardiff, Wales and we haven't many good natural deodorant options. I saw all the reviews for Jungleman online and thought that if it can work that well in hot, humid places like Singapore and Australia, it should be able to get the job done here in the U.K. It most certainly does, to my continual amazement. Please sell in the U.K. Soon. We need this urgently!"

Nez (United States)

"It does the job, not a big smell to it, goes on smooth and doesn't seem to leave any residue. Natural was a huge plus for me."

Beth (United States)

"Matches all the other deodorants without all chemicals. Have used for couple of weeks daily very satisfied will order again."

Ashlee (United States)

"Works!!! Even after intense sweaty workouts I still smell like....NOTHING!! I couldn't ask for more in a natural deodorant!"

Irvin (United States)

"This deodorant kicks serious ass. I don't think I'll change deodorants now. If I can't use this, I won't buy anything else."

Magnus (Sweden)

"I bought this at a store while on vacation in the U.S., in Florida in summer time of all things. It worked flawlessly and I have been using it ever since. Any chance you will expand to Sweden? You sell Jungleman in Iceland, why not us soon? We need your products here."

R. Warner (United States)

"The BEST aluminum free deodorant I have ever used. Very effective, lasts all day, no skin irritation. Will purchase again."

Kathleen (United States)

"This is a winner. Best natural deodorant ever. I'm not easy to please when it comes to natural deodorants and I've tried a LOT of them."

Fredrick (United States)

"As honest as it gets. for those with EXTREMELY sensitive skin, this doesn't break me out (itching or burning) like all of the past deodorants have--even the so called top "organic ones" loaded with fragrance and other clever unpronounceable ingredients leaving you smelling worse off than started with. Perfect pricing, and COMPLETELY worth it. NO SCENT AT ALL, nor do you need to apply a lot to cover scents (which seem to fade over time-EVEN WITH A TON OF HIGH PERSPIRING EXERCISES) HIGHLY RECOMMEND."

Kelly (United States)

"Love this stuff. Started buying it for my boyfriend, worked so good for him that I now use it as well!"

Katrina (United States)

"Best deodorant ever. I bought them for my whole family. I highly recommend this product!!!"

HC (United States)

"I live in Texas, I work in a restaurant kitchen, there is no air conditioning, its summer, I NEED deodorant! This product simply works better than all other deodorants, 'natural' or 'chemical' and rinses away in the shower unlike every other brand I have tried. The scent is VERY mild, pleasant and herbal. My only complaint is that I can't buy a case! Seriously, from a sweaty dude, buy two!"

Melisa (United States)

"Love this product. No smell but sure does the job. Fantastic product would absolutely purchase again."

Jean (United States)

"Wow! I never thought it would be SO effective. There is NO smell at all!"

Keith (United States)

"This is the best unscented deodorant I've ever used."

Nigel (United Kingdom)

"I live in England and all the deodorants we have here are rubbish. I wish I could buy this locally in Manchester to avoid shipping charges. This deodorant has no equal."

Kymberli (United States)

"Works better than you would think and unscented. I didn't think I would like this stuff but it is great!"

Melissa (United States)

"Finally a natural deodorant that works!"

Leonardo (United States)

"Only deodorant I use!"

Ricardo (Brazil)

"Jungleman é o campeão de desodorantes naturais."

James (United States)

"Works all day long."

Wendy (United States)

"Best stuff ever!"

Tara (United States)

"Works amazing."

Barry (United States)

"I'm vegan and gluten free and always prefer to make my own deodorant at home. However, I've been traveling quite a bit and needed something I can carry on the plane with me with ease. I was blown away by how good and effective this deodorant. I am 6'5" 230 and work out more than most. I sweat more than most, too.

I'm not sure of the exact ratio of ingredients in the deodorant, but there is ZERO odor from the time I put it on in the morning until the next day. It's remarkable. After I used it for the first week I ordered three more. I wish this was available in stores but I'm happy to support a small business online as well. Great great deodorant."

Carmelina (United States)


Thomas (United States)

"This deodorant is the best deodorant I've ever used hands down. I'd been wanting to use Jungleman All-Natural Deodorant for so long, based on the really great reviews, but unfortunately, I'm sensitive to tea tree oil. So when I found out about this version with peppermint oil instead of tea tree, I was so excited. I finally got to see what all the hype is about. Believe it!!! It really is true. I apply this in the morning and work a 12 hour shift, and after all of that, no odor whatsoever. None. This stuff is amazing. Thank you. You have a customer for life."

King (United States)

"Let me start off by saying this is one of the best companies that I have ever dealt with. To have such a great option that is completely natural (you literally could eat this product without harming you) that has NO dangerous short term or long term hazardous chemicals makes me smile.  JungleMINT is a new variety of my tried and true Jungleman deodorant. Jungleman is absolutely effective protection for a guy like me who sweats obscenely, profusely. I sweat (which IS a healthy good thing- purging toxins, flushing out pores, etc.) while not becoming offensively odorous. Junglemint has the addition of peppermint which is a natural antibacterial and smells pretty darn good.

Since I am trying this product during winter I can not fully attest to the efficacy of the product during hot weather. I intend on following up on it when summer returns. HOWEVER, what I can attest to is that with a physically demanding job this product provides a full days protection against odor. I always order direct from the manufacturer because the shipments are ALWAYS sent out very fast and well packaged (with freeze packs nonetheless to ensure you will get your order intact!). I am such a fan of Jungleman. This is my deodorant of choice. Quality, safe, and effective, what's not to love? This is a definite must try product."

Izzy (United States)

"I have switched around with various types of men's deodorants over the years. I would say I tend to sweat more on the heavy side, so having a deodorant that works effectively for long periods of time is crucial.  After dabbling in some clinical strength deodorants, I became aware of health concerns associated with aluminum based deodorants. As such I wanted to see if there was a more natural deodorant that could suit my needs and pose less of a threat to my well being.

Lo and behold I found this deodorant after searching around on Amazon. I have been using it for over a week now and absolutely love how effective, good smelling and safe this product is. I have not had one bad experience yet, it does the job over long days and even nights. I would say I have to apply once a day only, which is an absolute blessing. On top of it all the smell is very very simple and pleasant. One of the best smells I have seen on a deodorant ever."

JWK (United States)

"I have literally tried them all--Crystal, Men's Science w/ Silver Microbe Technologies, Tom's All Natural, you name it.  I'm an athlete (sometimes an extreme one), and I need something that works. This is the first one to pass the test!!!  After meeting a guy who suffered from aluminum poisoning and then learning about all the other chemical ingredients people put into deodorant (just look at your label), I concluded that I needed something all-natural. But I was always left smelling something unsavory by the end of the day, and if I decided to go for a run or play a soccer/football/basketball/volleyball/tennis/ultimate game, etc. then forget about it.  But Jungleman totally worked and hasn't failed me yet. I'm on my 3rd stick and 3rd year."

Zayne (United States)

"So I've been using Degree antiperspirant for years but wanted to try out a natural deodorant because I heard that using antiperspirant causes acne. I'm a 21-year old male and I've had acne since middle school so I've basically tried everything. I tried Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant but it just didn't work for me and I hated the scent. Junglemint works TOO GOOD!! It applies easy and keeps me odor free literally all day. I'm a pretty heavy sweater and I can come back from a workout without any odor on my or my clothes; this stuff is amazing.

Oh, and my acne is getting better every day. Antiperspirant was definitely blocking the release of toxins and causing my skin to break out. My skin is healthier, has less inflammation, and old acne scars are finally healing! Also, I'm finding that I don't sweat as much. Antiperspirant causes your sweat glands to become overactive because they can't effectively release toxins from the body. I feel so much more at ease knowing that I'm not pumping my body with aluminum every day."

Declan (Ireland)

"This deodorant is a lifesaver. It works so well and has such a clean ingredient list. We have nothing like this in Ireland. Please sell in Dublin soon Jungleman!!!"

Nick (United States)

"Best natural deodorant hands down! There is zero contest for this product. I have tried at least 10 different kinds of natural deodorants, from Tom's, to Queen Helen, Desert Essence, the salt stones, etc. None of them prevent odor like this does. The other natural deodorants would always give me a red, itchy rash under my arms that wasn't specific to just one brand. It was very common. The salt stone made a glad or something in my armpits swell up.

But Jungleman's deodorants don't do ANY of that. I have zero irritation, absolutely zero odor after more than 24 hours. The only issues people would complain about is how is it somewhat hard to apply. Just leave it on your armpit for a second to warm up, it'll spread easier."

John C. (United States)

"I know this is going to sound corny, but this product actually works! I am shocked. I really thought this was going to be snake oil. I have tried a lot of "natural" deodorants some of which actually have dangerous things in them like Triclosan or they still have aluminum in them but in a different form. None of them have held up all day under normal conditions.

This deodorant holds up though. Last deodorant I tried was Tom's of Maine 24 hour protection unscented. It did not last but 2 hours. To be fair I have bad B.O. (probably from drinking too much coffee and eating wrong sometimes). I have never had a product perform like this. I want to buy stock in this company!"

Andrew (United States)

"I bought this product after reading several other positive reviews. I have now tried several all natural deodorants and this one is the best of the bunch for me. I find that I like the thicker deodorants rather than the thinner, more liquid like ones, hence why I prefer this over other brands such as Herban Cowboy."

Kelly D. (United States)

"I could not be more excited to find a natural deodorant that actually works for me! I sweat like a man and then some, so I was optimistic about this product. It passed my first series of tests which up to this point every other deodorant has failed. Firstly, it didn't irritate my very sensitive skin ( for some reason every other natural deodorant has), it lasted all night into the next morning with my pits smelling like peppermint! I couldn't believe it, I usually wake up with stinky pit but not with this amazing where have you been all my life product. I am going to buy in bulk. Thank you Jungleman!"

Megan J. (United States)

"This is by far my favorite deodorant.  I was looking for something that would be ingredient friendly, not make me break out, and that would be masculine/feminine neutral in scent - found it. No staining on my clothes, and keeps me fresh all day - school, work, exercise - one application in the morning!"

Jessica (United States)

"I know this is going to sound bad, but I came across Jungleman All-Natural Deodorant when I was watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians one day and saw Kim looking at your deodorant in the store. I had seen it before online, but seeing it on TV at the store I shop at finally motivated me to buy a stick. So I went down to Erewhon Natural Market and bought a stick. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure if she even ended up using it, but it all worked out because this is the best deodorant I've ever used. You've got a customer for life."

Nicholas D. (United States)

"Well.....it works. I'm a busy hairstylist who works at a fast paced salon and tend to start sweating quick into the work day. I've tried other natural products before but wind up being embarrassed by how I smelled half way through my shift. However, with this, I'm good all the way through the entire day. And it's nice to know it's made of only 4 ingredients. Kudos. Thank you and I will be buying again."

Edward D. (United States)

"Hands down, bar none, best product I've ever purchased. No need to over apply, just lightly swipe it across your armpit, works all day. I'm in construction and a bartender. I sweat all day, no smell. This stuff works better than your commercial grade crap, without all the chemicals!"

Susan H. (United States)

"This is totally amazing!! I have never before found a natural deodorant that actually prevents me from smelling for at least a full day, even after a workout. I like this one and the unscented one equally - they both work extremely well."

Matt (United States)

"This stuff is great! It is thick and lasts all day. No odor whatsoever despite my busy days. This is simply the best "natural" deodorant that I have ever used. And, yes, I have used many many many such products, from Jason's to Burt's Bees, Toms of Maine, and dozens of other products. The best!"

Chris D. (United States)

"I have been searching and searching for a deodorant that doesn't irritate my armpits and turn them red every time i use it! It doesn't matter what brand I use; Regular store brands, more expensive "natural" brands or expensive name brand online only stuff. Same problems!! I finally found Jungleman and decided "why not?". The price point was good and this appeared to be truly natural. I had my doubts though because most natural stuff only keeps the smell down for a small period of time, then it wears away and I stink!

ZERO soreness and NO red under my arms from day one! Secondly, absolutely NO BODY ODOR after a long day!! I'm talking working all day then going for a run in the evening. I had to travel for business recently and had a harried trip through the airport and then all day meetings. I was sweating and just generally feeling like I needed a shower by the end of the day. To my complete surprise, I did not have any body odor under my arms. I thought it was my nose, but my nose is fine and I was astounded at how well it worked. Being winter, I know I don't sweat as much and thought I would wait until summer to write this review, but what the heck, after that trip, I decided to write it now.

I know everyone has different body chemistry, but for me, I am totally sold! My wife is impressed and will start using it as well."

Angel (United States)

"I have used it for a long time now, in both cold and hot weather, on very sweaty and mildly sweaty days, and it always works. I would like to add that both the company and the product are great, and it is absolutely worth it. Thank you Jungleman Naturals.

I have tried so many different natural deodorants and always had to go back to regular deodorant because eventually there was a bad smell. There is NO ODOR after using this product. To test it's effectiveness, I used a little bit and only put it on once; after sweating (mildly), there was still no odor the next day! I have used it for awhile now, and I've been hot and sweaty a few times - still no odor. It's the best I've ever used. I also used it before shaving and after shaving, and I had the same results. I also had my husband try it for a day to test it, and he had no odor as well. I love this product and recommend it to everyone."

S. Bohn (United States)

"I love these deodorants! Only natural one I've found that works. And the mint smell is very faint and nice."

Shannon (United States)

"I have to say I was skeptical because I have tried several deodorants and they do not work well for me. This product works!"

Isakini (United States)

"It's doing the job, I'm super sensitive, and can't use anything but hypoallergenic because I'll instantly will get a rash, so this one does the work, I don't smell, it let's me sweat barely (I don't sweat a lot) and keeps me not stinky."

Margaret (United States)

"I am an instant convert! I've always used a deodorant/antiperspirant and I've always had chronic wet underarms. After switching to this my wetness problem is almost entirely gone, and it prevents BO very well. I also like that it goes on smoothly and doesn't irritate my skin. Thank you Junglemint!"

E. Cox (United States)

"Junglemint has worked flawlessly for me. It's the best deodorant that I've ever used. In my tests, 24-36 hours, using the same application, is a non-issue for holding back any smell."

Lilian (United States)

"This deodorant is extremely effective. I give it five stars simply for its amazing ability to keep you fresh all day. Even after workouts! Amazing – the first of it's kind to work this well."

Kimberly (United States)

"I've tried many natural deodorants and this is by far the best one yet! Other natural deodorants don't last all day but this one does. One application in the morning is all I need."

Esteeve (United States)

"I love this product!!! As an engineer, my job requires long hours out in the field, often times in the sun. I apply it once and I’m good for the day. No odor, no rashes, and no chemicals. This is my go to product. Highly recommend."

Joseph R. (United States)

"Finally was able to find a natural deodorant that works all day and that I don't need to reapply midway even on a 90 degree day. Scent is very faint which is what I prefer and doesn't stain underarms on shirt."

Mary W. (United States)

"Received this super fast, has a super light mint smell. Works really well for me and no more hippy chick smell like other natural deodorants that have a strong tea tree smell, there is none of that. I love it!"

Kristin M. (United States)

"This is the only natural deodorant that works for me. I've tried dozens with no avail. Well worth it considering it doesn't have any nasty chemicals and completely works."

Leo (United States)

"The best deodorant on the market, seriously. This works 10x better than Degree Maximum Strength, and has none of the chemicals."

LC (United States)

"I have been trying to find a natural deodorant that works and this is it! I have been using it for the last 4 days in extreme heat and this stuff for me works! Finally !! I am ordering more!"

JP (United States)

"I was skeptical that it would actually work. I've been using Old Spice deodorant which is decent. I've been using Junglemint for about a week and I am amazed at how well it works."

Kevinicus (United States)

"This is by far the best natural deodorant I have ever used, and I have used several. Long lasting with no strong fragrances, harsh chemicals, or irritation. I wish I could buy it locally."

Nina W. (United States)

"Best deodorant I swear. I have been looking for a deodorant that works. I brought over 20 different types in CVS online. I was so desperate !!! This is my one and only."

Steven F. (United States)

"Excellent product, I use this daily now instead of other deodorants that contain aluminum and other harmful chemicals. Glad they make this!"

Mera N. (United States)

"This worked great for a guy who was looking for hypoallergenic deodorant. This was the first one which his skin didn't react to."

Patricia L. (United States)

"Love this stuff! I like the scent, which is very light. This is the first natural deodorant that has worked for me."

Thomas (United States)

"Smell is very mild, but this deodorant really works well! Will definitely keep using this brand."

Ebony G. (United States)

"This deodorant is great IT WORKS and its natural. Can it get any better than that?"

Kerry (United States)

"This is the real 'honest company!' Forget that toxic crap that washed up b-list celebrities like Jessica Alba and Alicia Silverstone are dumping on us."

Rachad (United States)

"Love it! The best natural deodorant ever! It works extremely well in hot summer! Will keep buying it forever."

Jason (United States)

"I am a 32 year old man and used all the top brands of deodorants on the market. I recently became more of a naturalist and wanted to use something better for me. I used a few natural deodorants that didn't cover the smell or were not a 100% natural as they advertise. My wife bought Junglewoman so I thought I would give it a try as I had nothing to lose. I was amazed at how well it worked for me. Not stress or working out caused any smell with this on. The deodorant says it has a extremely light scent but I cant smell it at all. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an all natural product that actually works. They have a customer for life out of me."

Z (United States)

"I'm pretty sensitive, as far as deodorants go. This is one of the few that I can use everyday without producing a rash or any side effects. It works really well at quelling odors and I have never had an embarrassing moment while sporting it. Junglejuice has my highest recommendation to anyone that is looking for an alternative to the store bought brands."

Jacqueline (United States)

"Works very well. Not much of a scent, but it is good. I'd definitely buy this again. I like that it is free from all the chemicals I do not want. Thank you for your good product."

Julia R. (United States)

"Love this stuff! Works extremely well! Just wish they sold it at Trader Joe's where I shop every week."

Lorie B. (United States)

"Best working all natural deodorant I have come across."

Josh (Australia)

"I live in Queensland, Australia. It's hot and humid here much of the year. I can walk about in the bush all day here and still have zero odor at all. This is the best natural deodorant I've ever used. In fact, it outperforms my old chemical deodorants too. I hope you start selling this in Cairns some day. You've got a wonderful product!"

Kelli N. (United States)

"This stuff works and didn't give me a rash!!!! Woohoo!!!"

Dolores H. (United States)

"Finallyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one that works..."

Ann P. (United States)

"Outstanding product!! Have used for years."

Cassie D. (United States)

"Great product, great costumer service!"

Awine (United States)

"So I have tried sooo many "Natural Deodorants" to just end up like a sage bush, or smelling like a hippie! Not an attractive smell at all. This is the first one that actually WORKS! It works even for my husband. He spent all day working in a hot shop & then went straight to cross fit, and he had no smell at all after his workout, which is amazing! I've been telling all my friends about this product. I wish I could find it in the store so i didn't have to pay for shipping. Thank you so much Jungleman Naturals for making a great natural product that works and smells great."

Laura (United States)

"I used to use a deodorant crystal until I read about how much of a scam those ammonium alum stones are. They're everywhere. All the bloggers like Food Babe are being paid to promote them. I'm glad I finally switched to Junglewoman. Now I'm stink free without putting my body in danger. Thanks for getting the truth out Jungleman!"

Becky S. (United States)

"So very pleased to find a natural deodorant that really works! Finally a healthy alternative to aluminum laden products. This product earned a place in our home from here on. Thank you!"

K. Thomas (United States)

"For years, I have been very self conscientious about my underarm smell and I have hated the dark stains on my clothes from sweating out aluminum and other impurities from my body. I know I have weird smell because my PH is off so much, but I have finally found a deodorant that works. I truly waited until I knew I could provide a honest assessment because this is such a sensitive and important subject to those of us who hate our underarm smell. If you have not tried it, please do."

Dierdra (United States)

"I've been using this product for a few years now. It's safe and effective to put on your body and it works."

Julia R. (United States)

"Love this deodorant!!!! Works great, even when I do Insanity!!!"

Lara (United States)

"My favorite for a guy or a girl is still the Jungleman :)"

Lisa (United States)

"Best natural deodorant I've found yet. It really works."

Maddy (United States)

"The very best!!"


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